Solving the Crooked Teeth Dilemma

Solving the Crooked Teeth Dilemma

Crooked teeth can lead to a number of problems with the smile’s aesthetics and proper function. The most obvious concern of people with crooked teeth is the way the misalignment affects their smile. The attractiveness of your smile is diminished when teeth are not completely straight and most especially if the crooked teeth are featured front and centre when you smile. Proper function and dental health is also affected by teeth crookedness. An improper bite can result from misalignment, and teeth can be difficult to clean when they are not properly aligned.

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Do you have crooked teeth? You can improve the appearance and function of your smile with orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments are designed to move teeth into better alignment – to improve smile aesthetics and also for better oral health. The use of conventional dental braces is the norm for younger patients, who are expected to have metal parts on their mouths as they go through their orthodontic treatments. However, it is understandable for you to have serious misgivings about having those same metal braces if you are way beyond your teenage years!

At London Dental Studio, we offer discreet adult orthodontic options that do not involve you having conspicuous metal parts in your mouth. Invisible braces use clear aligners which are made from plastic, which are barely noticeable even as they work on moving your teeth into better alignment. The invisible braces are also much more comfortable to wear compared to metal braces, which have the tendency to irritate or cut into the soft tissue found inside your mouth.

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