Stop Denture Discomfort with Mini Implants

Stop Denture Discomfort with Mini Implants

Dentures are used to replace the function of missing teeth. The teeth replacements can quickly restore the normal appearance of your smile after you suffer from the loss of multiple teeth, or when all of your teeth go missing. Problems arise, however, with long-term denture use. After years of use, dentures have a tendency to become loose and ill-fitting. When this happens, you will start to feel discomfort as the hard parts of the dentures repeatedly rub against your gums, palate, and other soft inner mouth portions.

stop denture discomfort implants

Dental implants can give you permanent relief from the pain of using loose dentures. Mini implants are smaller in size compared to conventional implants, but these smaller-sized artificial tooth roots offer big benefits. The implants are used to secure a fixed dental bridge or dentures in place. The teeth restorations will be securely attached to the jawbone through the implants, which will prevent any uncontrolled movements – such as that coming from removable dentures that fall out from inside the mouth.

Mini implants put an end to your denture discomfort. You will no longer have to suffer from painful rubbing from the dentures when implants are used to secure your artificial teeth in place. You will also restore your confidence when you smile, laugh, or speak naturally; you will also be able to enjoy your food even more as you flaunt your brand-new, natural-looking smile with the help of mini implants.

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