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Troublesome Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth when you feel angry or frustrated? Or do wake up in the morning with a painful jaw? Teeth grinding might seem like a harmless ...
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What Causes Jaw Pain?

Do you have a painful jaw? If your jaw feels tender or uncomfortable, you may find it difficult to manage even the simplest tasks such as chewing or opening ...
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What Makes your Gums Look Dark?

Do you have a healthy-looking smile? Maybe you have great-looking teeth, but somehow the attractiveness of your smile is diminished because your gums look dark? The natural colour of ...
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Watch out for Gum Disease

Gum problems are best treated during their earliest stages, when they are still relatively simple to manage and treat When gum disease progresses into something more complicated, the necessary ...
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Early Signs of Gum Problems

Have you ever had gum disease symptoms? The earliest signs of gum problems can be mild and almost unnoticeable This is the reason why gum treatment may not be ...
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How to Maintain Healthy Gums

When you think of your dental health, it’s quite easy to concentrate solely on the teeth This may be because our pearly whites are the ones that are often seen ...
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