The Big Responsibility of Mini Implants

The Big Responsibility of Mini Implants

Mini implants may be small, but they definitely have a big responsibility (and offer big benefits) to those who are suffering from missing teeth problems. Mini implants at the London Dental Studio are often used to solve the problems brought by loose or ill-fitting dentures, which have become uncomfortable with the passage of time.

The Work of Mini Implants

Mini implants are smaller in diameter compared to conventional dental implants. This smaller size makes it possible for the implants to be placed in thin jawbone ridges, without the need for invasive procedures such as bone grafting. Since there is no need to cut open and stitch close the gums for mini implants, the healing period is very short, and is almost painless to the patient.

The mini implants treatment is completed in a shorter period of time compared to traditional implants, and can be used immediately after they are loaded into the jawbone (and attached to the corresponding teeth restorations). There is no need to wait for a long healing period before the teeth replacements can be used and enjoyed completely.

Mini implants are beneficial in cases when the jawbone ridge has become thin due to tooth loss, gum disease, or other reasons; in these situations, conventional implants may be very difficult to impossible to place successfully. The mini implants are used to secure loose dentures which have become uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear, making it possible for the teeth restorations to be worn comfortably and confidently once more.

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