The Effect of Eating Disorders on Oral Health

The Effect of Eating Disorders on Oral Health

Eating disorders are serious conditions that need the immediate attention of professionals. These conditions have grave effects on overall health, especially if not treated in their earliest stages. Aside from the effects on the body’s functions, eating disorders are also harmful to oral health, which is why it is crucial for a person experiencing this condition to be seen by a dentist in the soonest possible time.

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Dentists are usually the first ones who detect the first signs of eating disorders, especially if a patient goes to great lengths to keep the condition a secret from loved ones and other medical professionals. However, a dentist can detect obvious signs of an eating disorder, such as dry lips, dry mouth, an extremely red palate, and teeth erosion on the back of the front teeth. Teeth erosion is usually seen in the back teeth, which bear the brunt of chewing on food. However, a person with an eating disorder may have visible signs of teeth enamel wearing on the back part of the front teeth, due to repeated exposure to gastric juices when vomiting is induced.

A fluoride treatment may work on dealing with the problem if the teeth erosion is detected on its early stages. For more extensive damage, dental crowns may be needed to restore the form and function of the affected teeth. However, a long-term solution is crucial for both dental and overall health improvement, since restorative dental work will not last if they will still be constantly exposed to gastric juices from repeated vomiting.

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