The Importance of Cleaning your Tongue

The Importance of Cleaning your Tongue

Brushing your teeth is important if you want to maintain your healthy smiles. It is crucial to brush your teeth on a regular basis, to make sure that all of the food debris left over from meal times will be completely removed from your mouth, and from the teeth surfaces. Keeping your mouth clean can prevent the development of dental problems, and will also help keep your gums healthy. However, as you clean your mouth and teeth, do you also include your tongue? You may be surprised to discover that you are neglecting the cleaning of your tongue in your regular tooth brushing habit!


The teeth are not the only parts of your mouth that are affected by your oral hygiene habits. Your tongue is also exposed to the food that you eat, and any food items left on the surface of the tongue can affect its good condition. If food bits are left on the tongue, or if it is not cleaned thoroughly, you will have a higher risk of developing bad breath and other tongue problems. Cleaning your tongue will help keep your breath smelling fresher for a longer period of time.

How do you clean your tongue? You can use your toothbrush to gently brush the surface of the tongue, to prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and causing dental problems such as bad breath. Alternatively, you can also use a tongue scraper to remove food bits and/or the sticky film on the tongue. A healthy, clean tongue is important if you want to maintain good oral health, and if you wish to have a fresh-smelling breath.

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