The Right Time to Get Dental Implants

The Right Time to Get Dental Implants

You will experience a number of changes in your life when you lose your natural teeth. The challenges you face may depend on the number of teeth involved, and how you address this problem from the moment of tooth loss. Even a single lost tooth can have a considerable impact on the health and appearance of your smile, especially if it is not addressed early on. The way you speak, eat, and interact with other people will also be affected by your tooth loss problem, which can be resolved with the help of dental implants at the London Dental Studio.

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What is considered to be the right time to have dental implants? As soon as you lose one, some, or even all of your natural teeth, you should start considering an implant treatment. During the initial consultation, your implant dentist can give you all the pertinent information about the treatment; this will help you in making the decision get dental implants. The dentist will also give you all treatment options available before making a treatment plan that suits your specific missing teeth concerns.

Getting dental implants soon after the tooth loss is important in preventing complications such as bone deterioration. When teeth go missing, the jawbone slowly gets thinner without the stimulation coming from the lost tooth roots. The unnatural movement of the remaining teeth – which can lead to unsightly gaps in your smile – can also be prevented with a timely implant treatment after tooth loss.

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