The Truth about a Root Canal Treatment

The Truth about a Root Canal Treatment

Hearing the term “root canal” may evoke unpleasant images, as the treatment used to be closely associated with uncomfortable dental procedures. However, in reality, this treatment is not supposed to be painful. The pain associated with a root treatment may be from the infection already present in the affected tooth, which the patient may already be suffering from even before the actual root canal procedure.

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Why is a root canal treatment needed? This procedure is necessary when the pulp portion of the tooth is damaged or infected, and the only procedure that can save the tooth is a root canal. The treatment is also done to ensure that the infection will not spread to other teeth. If an infection is present, it will be treated accordingly by the dentist before the root canal treatment. The affected tooth will then be isolated as part of the procedure’s preparation and a local anaesthetic will be administered to make sure that the patient will not feel any discomfort throughout the entire procedure.

The root canal treatment proceeds with the removal of any infected tooth pulp tissue, to save the tooth from being totally damaged. The tooth root canal is cleaned, and the tooth will be sealed to ensure that no further infection can bring damage or decay.

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