The Urgency of a Dental Emergency
September 21st, 2017

Going to the dentist on a regular basis is necessary for good oral hygiene. There should be no issues when it comes to scheduling your dental check-up – you simply have to get in touch with your London Dental Studio dentist to make your appointment, and show up on the specified date. However, such regular appointments are not applicable if you are faced with a dental emergency and you have to be seen urgently by a dentist before the situation worsens.

Dental emergencies are those situations that require the immediate attention of a dentist. This may be because of the severe nature of the problem or injury, which may involve extreme pain or non-stop bleeding. In these cases, it is absolutely crucial for the patient to be seen by the dentist to avoid complications from arising. Urgent dental care is also necessary to provide the patient with immediate and long-lasting pain relief, and to control the bleeding if it is present.

One example of a dental emergency is a knocked out tooth. This tooth can still be reinserted if seen by the dentist within an hour of the accident, and if the tooth is kept clean on the way to the dental clinic. Facial injuries that involve the teeth or mouth area are also considered dental emergencies, especially if bleeding occurs, which can be expected if the soft tissues inside the mouth are affected by injuries or accidents.

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