Tips to Keep your Teeth Healthy this Holiday Season

Tips to Keep your Teeth Healthy this Holiday Season

This holiday season, you can enjoy the feasts and celebrations without sacrificing your healthy, beautiful smiles. It may be a time filled with endless gatherings and get-together with friends & loved ones, but that does not mean that you will start neglecting your pearly whites. Scheduled hygiene appointments and visits to the dentist should still be followed if you wish to maintain your healthy smiles even after beyond the Christmas holidays.

It is the season filled with sweet, sticky treats! But beware of these food items as they can be quite harmful to your teeth. You can easily crack a tooth when biting on a piece of hard candy, and the high sugar content of these treats can increase the risk of tooth decay. You can instead indulge in healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruits or vegetable sticks. This way, you can still enjoy snacking this holiday season without harming your teeth.

This season is also filled with lots of presents from your loved ones! When you receive a wrapped gift or parcel, please avoid using your teeth to rip open the present. Your teeth are not tools; using them as such will place your teeth at a high risk of being cracked or chipped. Also, please avoid cracking the shells of nuts open with your teeth – this practice can damage your smile, and decrease the festiveness of the season.

Happy Holidays to you, and to those you hold dearest!

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