Treatments for Gum Problems

Treatments for Gum Problems

Gum problems are very common, and some people may not even be aware that they are already suffering from gum disease. Mild gum problem, called gingivitis, is characterised by mild discomfort from swollen, red, and easily-bleeding gums. This mild gum problem can, however, turn into a more serious gum disease called periodontitis (periodontal disease) if early diagnosis and treatment are not given.

Do you have gum problems? Are you experiencing swollen, red, or bleeding gums? Read on to know what gum problem treatments are offered at the London Dental Studio so you can be free from the issues brought by gum disease.

Gum Disease Treatments

Scaling and Root Planing – These non-surgical gum disease treatments are done to remove tartar and plaque deposits which may be causing the infection. Scaling is done to remove tartar and plaque build-up above and under the gum line. Root planing goes deeper and deals with cleaning out rough spots on the tooth root, where bacteria and germs may be present.

Surgical Gum Treatments – If the gum problem is not successfully treated with non-surgical treatments, surgery may be needed to prevent further complications. Some of the surgical treatments for gum disease include pocket reduction techniques, crown lengthening, and soft tissue or gum grafts.

Medications – Medications such as oral antibiotics, oral gels, or an antimicrobial mouth rinse can help speed up the effect of the treatment for gum problems.

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