Veneers for Instant Smile Improvements

Veneers for Instant Smile Improvements

Improving the appearance of your smile can involve a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments, which can take a long time to complete. The long waiting period involved for these treatments to be finished can be too much for some, especially if instant smile improvements are desired.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your smile? Are you interested in a cosmetic dentistry treatment that does not involve a long waiting period? Veneers from the London Dental Studio can give you a more attractive smile without the need to wait for a long time for the treatment to be completed.

Veneers as Instant Orthodontics

Veneers can be considered as “instant orthodontics” because they can be used to straighten the appearance of uneven teeth, without the need for an actual orthodontic treatment (or the use of dental braces). Crooked teeth, and the unsightly spaces between teeth that can make a smile look unhealthy, can be corrected with the help of thin porcelain veneers. There is no need to wait for a few months or years that traditional orthodontic treatments can take, for the teeth straightening to be completed.

Customised porcelain veneers also improve the appearance of chipped, broken, or decayed teeth. The thin shells are placed on the front surface of an affected tooth to improve its appearance, and also to protect it from further damage.

A veneers treatment is also used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of stained teeth, especially in cases when the teeth discolouration cannot be removed with teeth whitening treatments.

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