Veneers for Instant Teeth Straightening

Veneers for Instant Teeth Straightening

Damage or imperfections on your teeth can have a dramatic impact on the attractiveness of your smile. Even the smallest flaw in your teeth can make your smile unattractive, especially if the affected tooth can readily be seen when the mouth is opened. These smile imperfections are solved with London Dental Studio cosmetic dentistry treatments, which have the aim of improving the appearance of your smile. One such treatment involves the use of porcelain dental veneers.

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Veneers are ultra-thin pieces of porcelain which are placed on the front portion of affected teeth to improve their appearance. A tooth damaged by tooth decay can be restored by placing a veneer on its front part, making it look healthy once more. Teeth stains which cannot be removed by teeth whitening treatments can be solved with a veneer treatment; the porcelain shells are used to cover the discoloured teeth to bring back the beauty of a bright smile.

Veneers are sometimes referred to as “instant orthodontics”. This is because a veneer treatment can provide solutions to cases of minor teeth crookedness. Instead of going for an orthodontic treatment (which can take months of years to finish), veneers can be used to alter the shape or position of crooked teeth, improving their appearance and making the smile more beautiful.

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