What are the Benefits of Mini Implants?

What are the Benefits of Mini Implants?

Dental implants bring back the healthy appearance and normal function of the smile after the loss of natural teeth. The titanium implants are embedded into the jawbone; after a healing period, these artificial tooth roots are attached to teeth replacements such as a dental bridge. Sufficient jawbone structure is needed to support the placement of implants. However, in cases when the jawbone is considered too thin or insufficient to hold conventional-sized implants, mini dental implants can instead be used.

mini dental implants

Mini dental implants are used to restore the smile after tooth loss, especially if the jawbone is too thin for the placement of traditional implants. The need for complicated procedures such as a bone graft is eliminated with mini implants. These smaller in diameter implants are also used for securing loose dentures in place, to end the suffering and embarrassment of those who wear ill-fitting dentures. The teeth replacement stays in place, with the mini implants anchoring them securely to the jawbone.

Mini implants at the London Dental Studio are placed using a minimally-invasive technique, which does not involve the cutting open and then stitching closed of the gum tissue. This treatment results in a considerably shorter healing period compared to that of traditional implants. The implant system can be used immediately, within the same day that they are placed – there is no need to wait for months just to see the vast improvement in your smile.

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