What Causes your Sensitive Teeth Problem?

What Causes your Sensitive Teeth Problem?

Are you suffering from sensitive teeth? If you are, then you are most likely experiencing the discomfort brought by this problem, especially when your teeth are exposed to extremely cold or hot food and drinks. There may also be times when even breathing through your mouth is painful because of tooth sensitivity. Your London Dental Studio dentist can help you get long-lasting pain relief from sensitive teeth, but it also helps to know what may be causing this dental problem.

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Do you like sour food such as citrus fruits, or fruit juices? Regular consumption of high acidity food and beverages can lead to teeth sensitivity, as the acid wears down the tooth enamel with the passage of time. When the enamel is worn away, the inner tooth portion is exposed, leading to pain and discomfort with temperature changes. Dental problems such as tooth decay may also cause the inner portion of the tooth to be exposed.

Gum problems can cause the tooth roots to be exposed; this exposure results in discomfort as the teeth become more sensitive. Exposure of the tooth roots can also be the result of a receding gums problem. Brushing the teeth with too much force, and constant teeth grinding can also be the culprits of worn tooth enamel that exposes the sensitive inner teeth parts to discomfort with the slightest pressure or temperature changes.

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