What Does a Root Canal Solve?

What Does a Root Canal Solve?

A root canal treatment is a method of saving a badly infected or decayed tooth, so that a tooth extraction can be avoided. This procedure is done when the inner parts of the tooth, including the pulp and the nerves, become infected. A root canal therapy is considered as the last resort to save a decayed or damaged tooth and to provide a permanent solution to the extreme discomfort that the affected tooth can bring.

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Why is a root canal needed, and what problems does this treatment solve? A root canal is needed in cases when the nerve tissue or pulp of a tooth has been damaged. In these cases, bacteria can easily penetrate the inner parts of the tooth and cause an infection. Pus is often a part of the infection, and the tooth becomes abscessed; an abscessed tooth can be a very painful dental problem. The root canal procedure is used to stop the infection so it does not spread, and will also solve the swelling in the affected area. This treatment will stop the extreme discomfort once and for all, and will also save the tooth from being extracted.

A root canal treatment has long been incorrectly associated with pain. The truth is, it is not the treatment that causes pain – it is the condition of the tooth when the patient is brought in for the treatment that is causing extreme discomfort. The treatment itself is a painless one, with the aid of an anaesthetic.

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