What Foods to Avoid if you Have Sensitive Teeth #londondentalstudio #sensitiveteethproblem

What Foods to Avoid if you Have Sensitive Teeth #londondentalstudio #sensitiveteethproblem

Do you have sensitive teeth? That prick of pain is an unsurprising welcome every time you consume something cold, hot, sweet, acidic, or sticky in your mouth. This may be due to your tooth enamel being worn down, causing the tooth roots to be closer to the surface – and in closer contact with the sudden temperature changes. Teeth sensitivity can also be due to receding gums, which cause the tooth roots to become exposed to whatever you consume.

What foods should you stay away from to avoid the painful jolt that comes with sensitive teeth problems? The extreme cold of ice cream should be avoided if you don’t want your sensitive teeth to growl in pain; the high sugar content of ice cream also aggravates the sensitivity you may experience. A cold soda should also be avoided as it contains three components that those with sensitivity issues should stay away from – extreme cold, acid, and sugar. The hardness and coldness of ice should also be avoided if you don’t want to experience tooth sensitivity discomfort.

Be careful when consuming piping hot drinks or food items – they can also bring an alarming jolt of pain. Wait a few moments before sipping your coffee or tea so you won’t trigger a sensitivity attack. Hard and sticky candies can also bring discomfort from the high sugar content, and when the candy gets stuck to your teeth (and you have a hard time getting it unstuck). Consume acidic food items, such as citrus fruits, with care as they can also trigger tooth sensitivity pain.

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