What Happens During a Hygiene Appointment?

What Happens During a Hygiene Appointment?

Hygiene treatments are essential in maintaining good oral hygiene – and in keeping your smile beautiful for a longer period of time. Regular hygiene treatments with a dental hygienist at the London Dental Studio will help you make your smile healthier and more attractive, and can help prevent dental problems.

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What happens during a dental hygiene appointment? Here are the things you can expect during your hygiene treatment session with a dental hygienist:

  • The hygienist will thoroughly check your teeth for signs of tooth decay. Decay symptoms that you may not be aware of can be detected by the hygienist, so that treatment can be given before you experience pain or discomfort – and before the decay can spread even further.
  • Your gums will be checked for signs of periodontal disease. Mild gum disease is much easier and less expensive to treat, so early detection will go a long way in preventing a complicated gum problem from developing.
  • Tartar and plaque deposits are removed by the hygienist to prevent tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Your teeth will be polished so that your smile remains bright and healthy-looking.
  • Mouth cancer screening will be conducted by the hygienist during a hygiene appointment. The hygienist will thoroughly check your whole oral cavity for signs of abnormalities, so that these can be investigated even further for early diagnosis and treatment. Early detection greatly increases the chances of survival from oral cancer.
  • Proper oral hygiene practises and dietary advice will also be given by the hygienist.
  • Bad breath concerns are addressed during hygiene and fresh breath treatments, to stop this embarrassing dental problem.
  • If you have sensitive teeth, the hygienist will apply a desensitizing seal so that you can be free from sensitivity discomfort.

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