What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

We have always been told that we need to brush our teeth at least twice daily. While (hopefully) most of us follow this guideline seriously, there are some who do not. During the day, a busy schedule might prevent you from taking a break for the few minutes it takes to brush your teeth properly. When you go home at night, you might think it is okay not to brush your teeth anymore because you are too tired to do anything else than sleep. However, you might want to reconsider and stretch out your energy for a few more minutes so you can brush your teeth if you know what happens inside a dirty mouth!

When you skip a tooth brushing session, you are already encouraging the development of harmful bacterial growth in your mouth. Have you ever run your tongue across your teeth in the middle of the day (or night) and felt a sticky coating on your teeth near the gum line? That film is plaque, which can easily be removed with tooth brushing. However, plaque that is left for a longer time on teeth surface can harden into tartar, which is much harder to remove.

Tartar is the yellowish material that hardens in between the teeth and the gum line; it forms when plaque is not removed through regular tooth brushing and regular dental hygiene treatments. Tartar can lead to gum inflammation and more serious gum problems, which in turn can lead to tooth loss if not treated properly.

With the idea of having a bacteria-filled mouth and possible tooth loss in the future – have you changed your mind about not brushing your teeth regularly, at least twice a day?

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