What Happens when you Lose a Tooth?

What Happens when you Lose a Tooth?

Do you have a missing tooth? With only one tooth missing, you may think that the problem does not need to be taken care of, and that the lost tooth will not make a huge difference in your smile. But if that one lost tooth is not replaced, you will soon feel the considerable change in your smile, and in the way the rest of your other teeth will function. If you lose a tooth, go to your London Dental Studio dentist to get the problem solved in the soonest possible time.

one lost tooth

When you lose a tooth, your smile will immediately be affected. If you have a missing tooth, check your smile in the mirror. You will notice that your smile looks totally incomplete, even if just one tooth is missing. It’s like looking at a picket fence with a single missing wooden slat – that space is just too bothersome to ignore. Your once beautiful smile now looks unattractive and incomplete, even if you lost only one tooth.

If the tooth is located in the front of your mouth, your speech will also be affected. You may develop a lisp, and it may be difficult to understand what you are saying. It will also be harder to bite or chew on food even if there is just one tooth missing. You can solve the problem of one missing tooth with the help of a dental implant, which will replace the lost tooth root. The titanium implant will then be attached to a dental crown to make your smile complete and healthy-looking once more.

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