What Happens when you lose All your Teeth?

What Happens when you lose All your Teeth?

Losing all of your teeth involves drastic changes in your appearance and with the way your smile functions. Undoubtedly, the loss of all-natural teeth is a life-changing event – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your life anymore. A dental implant treatment at the London Dental Studio can bring back the healthy function and form of your smile so you can still go through life with full confidence, even after missing all of your natural teeth.

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What happens when you lose all your teeth? Multiple tooth loss dramatically changes your appearance; without teeth, your mouth area will take on a shrunken look that will instantly make you look much older and unattractive. Your lips will fold into your mouth without the support of teeth; think of the appearance as something like a deflated balloon. Your smile will not be pleasant to look at anymore, and may even be scary to behold without any teeth inside your mouth.

Mealtimes will be difficult to go through if you lose all your teeth. It will also be painful to chew on food as the gums do the food cutting which was once done by the teeth. Speaking clearly will also be a challenge without teeth. These tooth loss problems can be solved with dental implants, which offer the most ideal solutions for missing teeth problems.

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