What Makes your Gums Look Dark?
February 6th, 2017

Do you have a healthy-looking smile? Maybe you have great-looking teeth, but somehow the attractiveness of your smile is diminished because your gums look dark? The natural colour of your gums is affected by your natural skin pigmentation. This means that individuals with a darker skin colour will most likely have a darker gum colour as well. However, if your gums used to look pink and healthy but are now looking darker than usual, there may be other factors that caused the discolouration.

Taking certain medications can cause the gums to become dark. It is best to inform your physician if you notice that your teeth have become darker after starting new medications. Another factor that can cause dark gums is cigarette smoking. Tobacco not only causes teeth stains, it (together with the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco products and cigarettes) will also make your gums look unhealthy and dark. Advanced periodontal disease can also cause gums to turn very dark or black.

The best way to avoid having dark gums is to follow proper oral care by brushing your teeth regularly, and by using dental floss to clean the spaces between the teeth & the gum line. Regularly going to your London Dental Studio dentist will also be beneficial in maintaining the healthy appearance of your gums. The dentist will also be able to detect the earliest signs of gum disease, and can give you the treatment as soon as possible before the condition worsens.

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