What to Do with Loose Dentures?

What to Do with Loose Dentures?

Your dentures replace the function and appearance of the teeth you have lost. When several or all of your teeth go missing, the dentures make it possible for you to still enjoy your life with a smile. However, when dentures are used for a long time, they start to become loose as your jawbone deteriorates – a consequence that eventually happens when lost natural tooth roots are not replaced.

Are you frustrated with dentures that fall out of your mouth? Did you ever have an embarrassing situation when your ill-fitting dentures fell out of your mouth when you are talking, or when you are chewing on your food? Dental implants can provide the necessary support so that dentures will stop moving uncomfortably and unnecessarily.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants are used to anchor your dentures in place. The implants are embedded into the jawbone, and are then used to secure the dentures in place – preventing the dental prosthetics from moving unnecessarily inside the mouth, even with long-term use. The problem with bone deterioration in your jaw area will also be addressed with an implant treatment, since the implants will provide the stimulation that was once the responsibility of the lost tooth roots.

Dentures that are stabilised by dental implants will let you enjoy a better quality of life, as you will have the confidence to smile as often as possible without worrying about dentures that look unnatural and accidentally fall out.

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