What to Expect from Conscious Sedation
November 20th, 2014

Do you get nervous when you go to the dentist? Are you afraid of going for dental treatments? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a nervous patient – and you are definitely not alone. There are countless anxious patients worldwide who feel some sort of fear or anxiety even with just the idea of going to the dental clinic, either for routine dental checkups or for more extensive treatments. Nervous patient care options are now available to help you have a more comfortable experience when you go for your treatments.

conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is offered by London Dental Studio for nervous patients who wish to go through with their treatment without fear and anxiety. A sedative is administered through an IV line to the crook of your arm, or to the top of your hand. As the sedative takes effect, you will feel deeply relaxed and comfortable; this feeling will remain throughout the procedure to help control your anxiety. While sedated, you will remain conscious so you will be able to understand and follow the dentist’s questions, or instructions concerning the treatment.

Afterwards, you will not be able to remember any unpleasant or uncomfortable parts of the treatment. Conscious sedation makes it possible for you to get the dental treatment you need, without succumbing to a panic attack caused by dental fear.

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