Why do you have Morning Breath?

Why do you have Morning Breath?

When you get up in the morning, can you smell a foul odour coming from your mouth? If it seems like your breath can knock over even your dentist when you wake up in the morning, you have morning (bad) breath. You might be wondering why you have this bad smell coming from your mouth only when you wake up in the morning, while your breath seems normal and not bad-smelling at all the rest of the day. The main reason for having bad breath in the morning is the drying out of your mouth while you sleep.

Young woman still feeling sleepy even after turing off the alarm on a light background

A dry mouth condition is one of the main reasons of bad breath. When the mouth is dry and saliva production is decreased, bad-breath causing bacteria have more opportunities to multiply inside the mouth. The situation is worse if you sleep with your mouth open, causing your mouth to become even drier and leaving with you with a bad case of morning breath when you wake up.

Smokers can have a worse morning breath than people who do not use tobacco products. The chemicals in cigarettes contribute to the issue of a dry mouth as one wakes up, and causes even fouler smells to come from the mouth. Allergies, as well as a cough or cold, can also result in morning breath. The bacteria in phlegm can make the mouth smell even worse during mornings.

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