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Why do you Need a Root Canal Treatment?

One of the biggest worries about a decayed or damaged tooth (aside from the pain) is the idea that it could eventually be lost. A small decayed part can be remedied with a tooth filling, restoring the healthy appearance and function of the tooth. However, if the pulp is affected and infection has set in, a root canal treatment may be needed to save the tooth from being extracted or falling off altogether because of the decay.

During the root canal treatment, all of the damaged part is removed to stop the infection from spreading to other tissues, and to the neighbouring teeth. The root canals are cleaned to make sure that the decay and infection is completely removed from the tooth. The canals are then filled with a permanent material, and a dental crown may be placed to fully restore the treated tooth.

The idea of going through a root canal treatment used to evoke feelings of dread in patients, mostly because there is a notion that it is extremely painful to go through. However, with the latest technology used nowadays, a root canal treatment can be made pain-free. The combination of anaesthesia and conscious sedation helps in making the procedure a pleasant, completely comfortable one even as the affected tooth is successfully saved from being lost.

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