Why is a Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Why is a Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

Tooth extraction is considered to be a last resort when it comes to solutions to dental problems. This treatment is usually done only when there are no other available means to solve a dental problem, because the goal is always to look for ways to save a tooth – before extraction is even considered. Problems with a wisdom tooth can be solved with an extraction due to a number of reasons and complications that may arise if the tooth is not removed.


Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth, which are located at the farthest portion (back) of the mouth. They are usually the last to grow out from under the gum line. Problems with wisdom teeth arise from the way they come out from the under the gum line. When teeth crowding is experienced, the third molars often grow out sideways instead of coming out upwards from under the gums. The sideways growth and movement result to the third molars pushing against neighbouring teeth, causing extreme discomfort.

Wisdom teeth that do not come out normally from under the gums are said to be impacted. Due to the abnormal growth, they can cause extreme pain, and are more susceptible to infection – because it is very difficult to keep impacted teeth clean. A wisdom tooth extraction is done at the London Dental Studio to provide long-lasting pain relief, and also to prevent the infection from spreading to neighbouring teeth and to the gums.

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