Why Is your Tooth Aching?

Why Is your Tooth Aching?

A toothache is one of the most painful dental problems you can experience. When your tooth aches, you may not even have the strength to stand up and go about your normal daily activities. The best way to deal with a toothache in London is to have it checked immediately by a dentist at the London Dental Studio, who can give the appropriate treatment so you do not have to deal with excruciating pain any longer.

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Have you experienced a toothache? Do you know what caused your tooth be so painful? The most common causes of toothache include the items listed below:

  • Tooth Decay – Tooth decay is the most common cause of a toothache. Tooth decay causes cavities to form; when the tooth structure is damaged by the cavities, the affected tooth will start to feel very sensitive or painful.
  • Gum Problems – Plaque build-up on the gum line can lead to inflamed gums, which can in turn result to painful teeth problems.
  • Worn Teeth – Worn teeth can cause the tooth roots to be exposed from under the gum line, resulting to very sensitive (and aching) teeth.  Even a slight temperature change (such as when drinking something hot, or cold) can bring a sharp pain to worn teeth.
  • Impacted Tooth – An impacted tooth problem is commonly seen in wisdom teeth. The tooth does not fully come out from under the gum line and starts growing sideways – pushing on the surrounding teeth and causing a lot of pain. In some cases, the impacted tooth is decayed as well, contributing to the toothache.
  • Teeth Grinding – Grinding the teeth together places a lot of pressure on the teeth. This pressure can wear down the teeth structure and cause teeth erosion, and can also cause severe toothache problems.

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