Your First Consultation at the London Dental Studio

Your First Consultation at the London Dental Studio

Do you know what to expect from your initial consultation with your dentist? Are you worried about what will happen during that initial meeting? At the London Dental Studio, we make sure that you are as comfortable as possible from the moment you step inside our clinic, to give you a pleasant experience even before you undergo the needed treatment.

Here are the things you can expect during your first consultation:

You will be asked to fill out a medical history form so we can get the necessary information about your dental health. We also encourage you to share with us what your goals are with regards to the dental treatments that you need.

After completing the medical history form, you will be guided to a treatment suite where you will meet your dentist, who will then proceed in asking more questions about your dental health, and the state of your teeth.

A dental examination will be done by the dentist to check your teeth, gums, neck, and face areas. Problem areas will be noted down by a dental nurse, so these points can be discussed in more detail with you later on.

Diagnostic exams such as taking X-rays may be done if the dentist sees a need for this. The X-ray images will allow the dentist to see what is going on under teeth fillings, beneath your gums, and inside your teeth.

After gathering all the necessary information, the dentist will then discuss the treatment options available for your problem areas. Sometimes only a hygiene treatment or dental filling treatment is needed. For more complicated cases, a treatment plan will be presented to you so you will be informed of the steps that need to be done to give you a healthier smile.

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