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    Ceramic & Lingual Dental Braces

    Improperly aligned or crooked teeth conditions are vastly improved by an orthodontic treatment. These treatments use force to move teeth into the properly aligned position, improving the aesthetics and usually the function of the smile. However, those with crooked teeth problems may not consider getting traditional dental braces because of the accompanying discomfort and embarrassment of having conspicuous metal parts in the mouth.

    Those who are looking for more discreet ways of straightening teeth can turn to ceramic and lingual braces. These are types of hidden or invisible braces since there no visible parts of the braces can be seen – as opposed to conventional dental braces that show obvious metal wires and brackets on the teeth.

    Lingual Braces

    Lingual braces are attached to the back portion of the teeth, offering a discreet manner of teeth straightening since no part of this orthodontic system can be seen. These braces exert forces from the back to move teeth into proper alignment. There may be some adjustments before the patient can speak normally and comfortably, since lingual braces are close to the tongue.

    Benefits of Lingual Braces

    Straightening teeth using lingual braces is ideal for those who do not want to have a smile filled with metal parts, like in the use of conventional metal braces. Teeth are straightened discreetly from behind the scenes, so to speak. The orthodontic treatment can be completed without the patient experiencing embarrassment because of the visible wires and brackets used by metal braces.

    Ceramic Braces

    Ceramic braces are similar in shape and size to conventional dental braces, but they have clear brackets that perfectly match the colour of the natural teeth. The wires can even be customised to be transparent, making the entire orthodontic system as discreet as possible. The ceramic material can also be less irritating the gums and soft mouth tissue compared to metal parts.

    Benefits of Ceramic Braces

    • Discreet – The ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural teeth colour, together with the transparent wires, form a nearly invisible orthodontic system that can secretly straighten the teeth.
    • Added Comfort – Ceramic brackets can cause less irritation compared to the metal wires and brackets used in conventional braces.
    • Non-staining – Ceramic braces do not leave stains on the surface of teeth – a problem which can be experienced by those who use metal braces.