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    Conventional Dental Implants

    We are one of UK’s leading Centres' for Dental Implants

    Conventional Dental Implants

    Conventional Dental Implants are small titanium screws that are fixed into the jawbone, which in effect, acts like the root of a natural tooth. Natural tooth coloured Dental Crowns are then secured over the Dental Implant.

    The results are proven and astonishing. Dental Implants can look, feel and be as robust as your natural teeth !

    Dental Facelift

    Conventional Dental Implants are extremely robust and can be used to replace a single missing tooth or to create a complete set of new teeth for those patients with multiple missing natural teeth or those patients with no teeth at all! They come in varying lengths and widths that are chosen to provide the most natural looking, robust smile, to suite your particular face.

    The results are astonishing and are sometimes refereed to as The Dental Facelift.