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    Cosmetic Dentistry - Smile Enhancements, Advanced Smile Makeovers at London Dental Studio

    We are very proud to be able to bring a multi-disciplinary approach to our cosmetic work.

    Latest Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments built on over 35 years' of trusted experience

    Cosmetic dentistry treatments aim to improve the appearance of your smile. Depending on the aspect of your smile you wish to improve, there are several treatments you can choose from to achieve a smile you can truly be proud of.

    At London Dental Studio, you are assured of having the best quality cosmetic dentistry treatments to achieve significant smile improvements. Our highly experienced in-house team has undergone extensive training in the UK and in the USA.

    Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments and the Conditions they can Improve

    Dental Implants – Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made from titanium. The implants are placed into the jawbone to replace the tooth roots, providing stimulation to the bone tissue to prevent jawbone atrophy. A dental implant treatment is the ideal solution to missing teeth problems. With a custom-made dental crown or a dental bridge, the dental implants bring back the normal use and attractive appearance of a smile that has previously suffered from tooth loss.

    Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening treatments are some of the most effective – and fastest – ways to significantly improve your smile. The best treatments combine an in-office procedure with a take home whitening kit to continue the whitening process. Enlighten is the most effective teeth whitening system in the world, guaranteed to improve your teeth to the whitest shade possible (Vita Shade B1), while retaining a natural appearance. This type of cosmetic dentistry treatment addresses problems with stained or discoloured teeth.

    Dental Veneers – Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are used to improve the appearance of teeth. At London Dental Studio in Victoria – London, we use ultra-thin Emax veneers which require very little to zero tooth tissue to be removed, preserving healthy tooth structure. The translucence of these veneers will give you a natural-looking smile after the treatment. Conditions that can be improved with veneers include broken or chipped teeth, stained teeth, minor teeth crookedness, and irregularly-shaped teeth.

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    Crowns & Bridges – Dental crowns are caps that cover the entire tooth to restore its use and aesthetics when it has been damaged or decayed. A dental bridge, on the other hand, is a tooth restoration composed of several artificial teeth; it is used to close tooth loss gaps in a smile. Both tooth restorations are custom-made to provide a natural-looking smile and can be used with dental implants to solve missing teeth problems.

    Orthodontics – Orthodontic treatments have the goal of improving teeth alignment. The dental braces are fitted to the teeth to move them into a straighter position over a specified timeframe. Invisible braces offer a discreet orthodontic treatment, with almost-invisible plastic braces that can easily be removed and put back on as required. With invisible braces, you can get straighter teeth with no unsightly metal parts involved in the treatment.

    We offer: Invisalign, 3M Clarity, Lingual (hidden) Braces, Retainers and Inman Aligners.

    Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

    • Aesthetic improvement
    • Functional improvement (most of the time, depending on the case)
    • Younger-looking smiles
    • Teeth protected from further damage
    • Confidence boosting