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    Ultra-thin Dental Veneers at London Dental Studio

    A simple solution to broken, discoloured or uneven teeth.

    About Dental Veneers

    Dental veneers are extremely thin porcelain shells which are used to improve the smile.

    They are attached to the front portion of the affected tooth to improve its appearance without the need to remove too much of the healthy tooth structure. The veneers are customised to match the shade of your teeth, to come up with a smile improvement that looks perfectly natural.

    At London Dental Studio in Victoria – London, we use revolutionary Emax & 3M Lava™ Zirconia Veneers to give you the best cosmetic dentistry improvement. Call us now to learn more on 020 7630 0782. You can Book a Free Consultation Here or ask us a question>

    How do Veneers Work?

    Emax Dental Veneers are ultra-thin – much thinner than the conventional dental veneers. The thinness of these veneers makes it possible for the veneer treatment to be done with very little (sometimes zero, depending on the case) tooth structure removal. This means that more of the healthy tooth tissue can be preserved, since it will not need to be removed to make way for the very thin veneers to be attached.

    Emax Veneers are known for their translucence, resulting in smiles that look more aesthetically pleasing compared to other porcelain veneers that look unnaturally opaque. The method used for making these veneers make them highly-durable and strong compared to other veneer products.

    3M Lava™ Zirconia Veneers – offers high translucency, giving natural looking restorations, without compromising on the strength of the material, so that we can achieve your aesthetic requirements. 3M’s patented colour shading technology delivers consistent colour matching.

    The Dental Veneers are placed on the front portion of the tooth (or teeth) to improve its shape and colour. They are also used to deal with minor teeth misalignment, making the smile straighter without the need for an orthodontic treatment. Damaged and decayed teeth can also be improved with a veneers treatment.

    Call us now at 0207 630 0782 to get a dramatic smile improvement with Porcelain Veneers. We offer Free Consultations at our Clinic in London - Victoria.

    Conditions that can Be Treated with Veneers

    • Broken or chipped teeth – A broken or chipped tooth can be restored aesthetically and functionally with veneers.
    • Damaged/decayed teeth – Veneers bring back the normal appearance of a tooth damaged by decay.
    • Teeth discolouration/stained teeth – Stained teeth that cannot be improved with whitening treatments can be made beautiful again with veneers. The porcelain shells can be customised to match the rest of the teeth for a natural-looking smile.
    • Minor teeth crookedness – With veneers, an orthodontic treatment may not be needed for minor teeth misalignment. A veneer can close small gaps or improve the appearance of teeth to make them look straighter.
    • Irregularly-shaped teeth – The appearance of misshapen teeth can be made more pleasing with a veneers treatment.

    Benefits of Dental Veneers

    • Highly-translucent, natural-looking teeth restorations
    • More strength and durability compared to other veneers
    • Very little to no teeth structure to be removed (prior to veneer placement)
    • No visible (unsightly) metal parts
    • Less likely to be chipped when coming in contact with other teeth