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About Your Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry treatments are needed in situations that cannot for normal dental clinic hours. In these cases, time is crucial to prevent more serious complications from developing, and to provide long-lasting pain relief. There are even situations, such as with injuries to the mouth area, that need to be seen immediately by a dentist because bleeding is involved.

At London Dental Studio, we offer emergency dentistry treatments to provide pain relief, and to ensure your safety from serious complications arising from the dental problem. We may be able to see you the same day. Call 020 7630 0782 (Victoria & Westminster)

Conditions Treated with Emergency Dentistry

Immediate attention from the dentist is important when dealing with the following conditions:

Knocked-out Tooth – a tooth knocked out due to injuries or accidents can still be re-attached, but the problem needs to be attended to by a dentist within an hour of the tooth being knocked out. On the way to the dentist, the tooth should not be touched and kept clean for it to be eligible for re-attachment.

Severe Toothache – Extreme pain from a toothache needs emergency dental care. This is especially true if the pain becomes debilitating, or if serious swelling of the mouth, gums, or face is involved. The cause of the toothache (tooth decay, gum problem, food stuck in between teeth) will be determined by the dentist and given the appropriate treatment for long-lasting pain relief.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth – An impacted wisdom tooth needs urgent dental care, especially if it includes a great deal of pain due to the sideways movement of the tooth against neighbouring teeth. Emergency dental attention should also be given if infection or abscess is involved with the impacted tooth.

Broken or Chipped Tooth – A chipped or broken tooth needs to be seen immediately by the dentist to stop the problem (and the damage) from getting bigger.

Call us now at 0207 630 0782 for Same-day Tooth Pain Relief in Central London - 5 mins. from Victoria Rail Station

Soft Tissue Injury – Trauma to the face and mouth area can cause injuries to soft tissues, including the lips, gums, tongue, and inner cheeks. When these mouth parts are injured, bleeding is most likely to occur. Immediate dental care should be given to stop the bleeding, which can be life-threatening if persistent and not stopped early on.

Lost Dental Filling or Crown – A dental filling or crown that gets lost will need to be seen immediately by a London Dental Studio dentist, because the affected tooth is left vulnerable to further damage. The lost tooth restorations should be replaced immediately to keep the tooth protected.

Facial Injuries – Injuries to the face area because of accidents or while playing sports may involve bleeding, especially if the soft tissues are affected. These injuries need to be seen immediately by a dentist to address bleeding and the trauma involved.

Broken Dentures – Damaged dentures need to be fixed or replaced immediately so that the normal function and appearance of the smile are not negatively affected for a long time.

Broken Braces – Broken orthodontic wires or brackets need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent injuries to the soft mouth tissues, and to ensure that the treatment proceeds as planned.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

  • Get long-lasting relief from the pain caused by dental problems
  • Prevent further damage or injuries
  • Stop bleeding (when applicable)
  • Prevent infection from setting in
  • Peace of mind