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    At London Dental Studio Victoria – London, we use the Enlighten Teeth Whitening system to provide you with the brightest smile possible. The system effectively removes stains and discolouration, so you can be assured of significant teeth whitening regardless of your teeth shade before the treatment.

    About Enlighten Teeth Whitening

    Enlighten is the only whitening system guaranteed to brighten your smile to Vita Shade B1, which is the whitest shade your teeth can possibly get to, while maintaining a natural appearance.

    How Does Enlighten Teeth Whitening Work?

    The Enlighten Teeth Whitening system is the most effective one in the world, guaranteed to bring you the brighten your smile in the best possible way. The system combines an in-office treatment with a take-home kit to deliver optimal teeth whitening results. In addition, Enlighten uses a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide in its whitening gels, making their products more comfortable to use without sacrificing their whitening power.

    1. First, your teeth impressions will be taken so that teeth dental trays can be created specifically according to your mouth measurements. These trays will hold the whitening gel to be used to give you a brighter smile.
    2. The custom-made trays will be filled with the take-home Enlighten teeth whitening gel, which you will then need to wear overnight, consecutively for 2 weeks. After the first week, you will already see a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.
    3. After 14 days of using the take-home whitening gel, you will need to come into the London Dental Studio clinic for the in-office teeth whitening treatment, which will be completed in an hour’s time. You will see a dramatically brightened smile, which can be improved by as much as 16 shades (depending on your personal preference).
    4. Every other month, you can top up your smile at home by using the teeth whitening gel (as instructed by your dentist) to ensure that your smile stays as white as you want it to be.

    Boost your confidence with a dramatically brighter smile. Call us now at 0207 630 0782 to learn more about Enlighten teeth whitening or to book your free consultation.

    Conditions Improved by Teeth Whitening

    • Teeth stained by dark-coloured food or drinks (coffee, tea, or red wine)
    • Tobacco stains
    • Darkened teeth
    • Yellow teeth
    • Tooth imperfections caused by decay or damage

    Benefits of the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System

    • The world’s most effective teeth whitening system – you are guaranteed to have the brightest smile possible after the treatment.
    • Completely safe, with lower hydrogen peroxide levels compared to other whitening systems.
    • Long-lasting results
    • Increased comfort – low sensitivity with whitening gels that have a neutral pH when used, making Enlighten products less likely to trigger sensitivity and/or irritation. There is also no need to use a barrier (which can be uncomfortable and unwieldy) in the mouth during treatment.
    • No change in diet required – you can eat whatever you want to, without worrying about staining food and drinks.