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    Fin Implants

    We are one of UK’s leading Centre’s for Dental Implants

    Fin Implants, created by internationally renowned Prof Hilt Tatum (exclusive to The Tatum Implant System) are ingenious Implants.

    They are designed to be placed into the jaw of those people with ‘thin jaw ridges’. Under the gum of a person’s jaw, the bone can be quite thin, sometimes the result of not having natural teeth for a long period of time. This is called a ‘thin jaw ridge’.

    The results are proven and astonishing. Dental Implants can look, feel and be as robust as your natural teeth !

    Due to the thin jaw ridge, there is sometimes not enough supporting bone (which supports and secures the Implant) to place a Conventional Screw Implant. Fin Implants avoid the need for Bone Grafting which is a technique of adding more bone to the thin jaw ridge to help it support the Implant better.