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    The Fresh Breath Clinic in London - Victoria

    At London Dental Studio, our Fresh Breath Clinic has the goal of helping you achieve and maintain fresh breath along with a great-looking smile.

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    Good oral hygiene will help ensure that your teeth stay bright, white, and beautiful. Aside from the aesthetic aspects of your smile, the quality of your breath will also benefit from good personal dental habits and regular dental checkups or hygiene appointments.

    About the Fresh Breath Clinic

    Your visit at our Fresh Breath Clinic starts with a thorough assessment of your oral health through a dental examination. This will help the hygienist in determining the presence of dental problems, so you can get the necessary treatment before the issue worsens. The dental exam will also show if the cause of bad breath is a dental problem, in which case this problem will be addressed to make your breath a lot fresher.

    Bad Breath Causes

    • Improper Oral Hygiene – Poor oral hygiene practices, such as irregular tooth brushing, can lead to bad breath. The food pieces left inside the mouth after meals can interact with saliva and bacteria (present inside the mouth) and result in dental problems such as bad breath. If you do not keep your mouth clean, there is a high risk of your breath smelling foul over time.
    • Tooth Decay – Decaying teeth are some of the most common causes of bad breath. The bacteria present in the decayed tooth parts can give off a foul smell, resulting in a bad breath situation.
    • Strong-smelling Food & Drinks – Food items that have a strong smell and taste, such as garlic and onions, can lead to a foul breath. Drinking wine or coffee, and not brushing the teeth afterwards, may also result in bad breath.
    • Dry Mouth – The mouth can decrease its production of saliva due to a variety of causes, such as mouth breathing and as a side effect of certain medications. Without the saliva to flush away the food pieces left in the mouth, bad breath can develop.
    • Smoking – The use of tobacco products and smoking have negative effects on health, including the development of bad breath.

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    How the Fresh Breath Clinic Can Help You

    • At the London Dental Studio, our dental hygienist at the Fresh Breath Clinic will check for the presence of dental problems to determine what is causing your bad breath. The appropriate treatment will be given to address the bad breath cause, should this be the case.
    • The hygienist will give you tips on how to properly brush your teeth and use the dental floss, so you can make the most out of this crucial daily habit.
    • Information about a healthy diet, which is beneficial to your oral health and a fresh-smelling breath, will be given as part of your fresh breath clinic appointment.

    Are you embarrassed about bad breath? Visit our Fresh Breath Clinic now and gain back the confidence of having a fresh-smelling breath.