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Nervous Patient Care & Dental Phobia

A Positive Experience

  1. To give you a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience, we offer conscious sedation at London Dental Studio
  2. Intravenous sedation is designed to relax you. We will be able to communicate with you and you will be able to respond to the instructions given to you during the dental procedures
  3. You will feel quite relaxed during the procedure, and often will not be aware MY of what is going on around you but you will not be asleep
  4. Intravenous sedation is not like a general anaesthetic, in that you do not lose consciousness

On the day of treatment:

  1. “You may experience some loss of memory of the events surrounding your treatment. It is therefore important that you are accompanied by a responsible adult when you leave the practice who will safely take you home.
    Please note that you will NOT be able to drive after the treatment, therefore you will need to arrange for someone to take you home safely.
    You are advised not to use public transport.
  2. Please arrange for someone to stay with you for some time after treatment.
  3. Have a light meal two hours before your treatment and thereafter nothing further to eat or drink.
  4. Take any routine medicines at the usual times. Bring your tablets and any inhalers that you normally use.
  5. Ensure that you are wearing something comfortable with sleeves that can be rolled up. Also,it is important to wear low flat-heeled shoes.
  6. Please note that conscious sedation is optional. It is available for any nervous patient on request. Please let your dentist or the treatment co-ordinator know if you wish to have sedation for your treatment.