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    Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE

    Obagi Blue Peel® RADIANCE is a gentle exfoliating peel which is especially beneficial to those with darker skin, as it addresses pigmentation change concerns. It is applied to the face with gentle and superficial exfoliation, resulting in visible improvement of overall radiance & texture after only a few minutes.

    It is recommended that you have four to six sessions of the ObagiBlue Peel® RADIANCE treatment at London Dental Studio to achieve optimal results with bright, radiant skin that glows with remarkable youthfulness. This is a professional skin peel treatment, and as thus should only be applied by trained medical or skin care professionals at our clinics, to ensure that the correct usage is undertaken and to achieve maximum skin improvement results.

    What are the Benefits of ObagiBlue Peel® RADIANCE?

    • Immediately visible skin radiance, with results that continue to improve upon completion of the recommended four to six treatment sessions
    • Addresses a variety of skin concerns, including photo damage and improvement of skin texture & tone
    • In-office application to ensure safety, correct administration, and optimal results
    • Minimal to zero downtime needed after each treatment session
    • Treatment results maximised with the application of a non-chemical sun protection of 30SPF or higher at all times