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    About Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment

    An endodontic treatment deals with treating problems concerning the soft pulp portion of the tooth. Also called root canal treatment, this is done to save the tooth from being extracted or being lost altogether, after its pulp has been infected. This treatment is used for extensive tooth damage that dental fillings cannot deal with effectively so that the tooth can be saved. Endodontic treatments ensure that the infection does not spread to other tooth parts or to neighbouring teeth.

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    How Does a Root Canal Treatment Work?

    The pulp is in the inner portion of the tooth, where the nerve endings and the root are also located. Tooth decay causes the outer portion (enamel) of the tooth to be damaged, along with the pulp if it is not addressed in its early stages. Without treatment, the pulp and the tooth roots can become infected, causing severe pain.

    A root canal treatment is done to address the infection of the pulp and tooth roots, and to prevent the infection from spreading.

    1. Your London Dental Studio dentist will check the tooth to determine if an abscess has formed. If this is the case, the abscess will need to be treated first before the root canal treatment can begin. Antibiotics are usually involved in treating an abscess, which will also need to be drained prior to cleaning & filling the roots.
    2. After the abscess has been treated and drained, a local anaesthetic is applied to the area of the affected tooth to ensure a pain-free treatment.
    3. Using a rubber dam, the root canal treatment area will be isolated from the rest of the mouth and to keep it saliva-free.
    4. A hole will be drilled through the tooth to gain access to the pulp. The damaged pulp parts will be removed, and the roots will be cleaned to ensure that they are free from infection.
    5. The roots are checked and shaped in preparation for the filling material.
    6. The roots are filled with a special material to ensure that infection will not affect them anymore. In cases when an infection needs to be cleared first, the roots are filled temporarily, and checked afterwards until the infection is treated. Only then can the permanent filling be placed.
    7. The tooth will then be permanently filled or covered with a dental crown for added protection.

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    Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment

    About Endodontics/Root Canal Treatment

    Conditions Treated with a Root Canal/Endodontics Treatment

    • Severe tooth decay that involves an abscess
    • Infected tooth roots
    • Infected tooth pulp
    • Tooth damage that almost resulted to an extraction/complete tooth loss

    Benefits of an Endodontics/Root Canal Treatment

    • Permanent pain relief
    • Tooth saved from being lost or extracted
    • Prevention of the spread of infection
    • Tooth protection