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    Same Day Teeth Implants in London - VictoriaRestore your Beautiful Smiles with Same Day Teeth Reconstruction at the London Dental Studio

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    About Same Day Teeth - at London Dental Studio

    A same day teeth treatment at the London Dental Studio will bring back your healthy smiles after tooth loss – without the need to go through a long waiting period. With over 35 years of experience, our dedicated, expert team led by Dr Balwant Vekaria will make sure that you will get a dental implant treatment tailor-made for your requirements, so you can soon flash the most confident smiles after suffering from missing teeth problems.

    As the name suggests, a same day teeth procedure can restore the normal function and appearance of a smile in just one day. You can enjoy an attractive, fully-functional smile within the same day that the implants are placed in your jaw.

    How Does the Same Day Teeth Treatment Work?

    The same day teeth treatment is named as such because of its power to restore a healthy smile in just one day. The implants used are smaller in diameter compared to conventional dental implants, making it possible for them to be placed into the jawbone using a minimally-invasive procedure. Using smaller dental implants will also eliminate the need for complicated procedures such as a bone graft.

    All on 4 Dental Implants – this treatment uses only 4 dental implants to restore a full arch of teeth (the lower or upper arch, or both) to solve tooth loss. The four mini implants are angled in such a way so that that make use of the existing jawbone structure, so a bone grafting will not be needed prior to the implant placement.

    All on 6 Dental Implants – this uses 6 dental implants instead of 4, to bring back the healthy appearance and use of the smile after suffering from missing teeth. Just like the All on 4 method, the All on 6 Implant treatment is completed within one day of treatment, including the placement of implants and attachment of teeth restorations.

    Both the All on 4 and All on 6 methods can also be used to secure loose dentures or a fixed dental bridge in place.

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    What Conditions are Treated with Same Day Teeth

    • Multiple missing teeth
    • Failing teeth
    • Loose dentures
    • Prevention of jawbone atrophy

    Benefits of a Same Day Teeth Treatment

    • Instant improvement of appearance – your smile will immediately be made more attractive and healthier-looking after an All on 4 or All on 6 Dental Implant treatment. No need to wait for a few months to make your smile look beautiful again!
    • Functional improvement within the same day – you can enjoy the full use of your restored smile in just one day.
    • Minimally-invasive procedure – as smaller dental implants are used, they can be placed into the jaw using a minimally-invasive method.
    • No need for complicated procedures – the minimally-invasive procedure uses the existing bone structure, eliminating the need for complicated treatments such as a bone or sinus graft.
    • Cost-effective – with fewer procedures involved, a same day teeth treatment translates to fewer expenses for a missing teeth solution.
    • Less discomfort – you will not have to go through numerous procedures to restore your smile, resulting in less discomfort and hassle.
    • Minimal downtime – very little to zero downtime is needed after the treatment, because of the minimally-invasive procedure of implant placement.
    • Prevention of jawbone deterioration – the implants will provide stimulation to the jawbone to prevent jawbone atrophy.
    • Loose dentures secured – problems with ill-fitting dentures are eliminated with the help of dental implants to hold them firmly in place.
    • Enhanced bite strength – enjoy a stronger bite with All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants that secure the teeth restorations in place.