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    Subperiosteal Implants

    We are one of UK’s leading Centre’s for Dental Implants

    A Subperiosteal Implant is used to secure dentures and when the bone has atrophied (receded) and jaw structure is limited. The lightweight, individually designed, metal framework fits over the remaining bone, providing the equivalent of multiple tooth roots. It may be used in a limited area or, if all the teeth are missing in the entire mouth. The amount and location of available bone determine the kind of implant that is best to use. Natural tissue membrane or bone will grow back around either implant making it even more secure.

    The results are proven and astonishing. Dental Implants can look, feel and be as robust as your natural teeth !

    A Subperiosteal Implant is an ideal solution for the following:

    • If you are constantly having sore spots caused by dentures
    • Are unable to chew your food properly
    • Or your dentures are just impossible to wear