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Tatum Institute – Dental Implantology Training Centre for Dentists at The London Dental Studio

Forward By Dr Balwant Vekaria and Dr Azhar Sheikh

We are proud to inform that the Tatum Institute -Dental Implant Training Course is now held at THE LONDON DENTAL STUDIO in Central London. The practice has full in-house surgical and teaching facilities including a purpose built lecture theatre with audio visual facilities, and is ideally located and equipped to provide a first class teaching and learning experience.

A crucial benefit of holding the Dental Implant Course in a busy dental implant practice such as The London Dental Studio in Victoria London is that the course participants have the opportunity to integrate the academic teaching with real life experience of seeing the practice team at work delivering high quality dental implant care.

Dr Azhar Sheikh and Dr Balwant Vekaria have been fortunate to be associated with Professor Hilt Tatum and to train and work with him for twenty years.

Professor Tatum, the director of the Institute and lead of the programme, is a world renowned dental implant surgeon and the Institute carries his name. Dr Ben Aghabeigi is the educational lead and a highly skilled surgeon and qualified teacher. Both are friends and colleagues.

We are greatly honoured and delighted to be a member of faculty of the Tatum Institute and look forward to another successful year of the Tatum Institute year programme – the 14th to date.

Dr Tatum is the inventor of the sinus graft procedure and the unique “D fin” type implants.

He is responsible for major advances in techniques such as Ramus Frame therapy, bone manipulation, progressive loading and flapless implant surgery. London Dental Studio is proud to be able to host an ongoing master class series featuring Dr Tatum. Here is an opportunity for colleagues of all ranges of experience to share the man’s great knowledge, experience and wisdom in the implant field.

Tatum Year Course on Oral Implantology

Tatum institute in UK is the premier place in the United Kingdom to learn the NIRISAB philosophy. Our classes cater to each individuals experience level and learning style.

Grow by Expanding your Knowledge and Experience

The goal is for your practice to grow by expanding your knowledge and experiences in treatment of patients. We emphasize treatment planning the will allow the majority of patients to be stable for the rest of their life. This is accomplished by managing the forces transferred into the bone from prosthetic components through the supporting abutments.

“State of the Art” Educational Centre

  • We have a “state of the art” educational centre
  • with great technology to provide for classroom lectures,
  • hands-on practicals, and the viewing of live surgeries with participant interaction during the procedure.
  • The ability to have multiple instructors gives each participant ample opportunity to learn.
  • In addition, class size is limited which further enhances your learning experience.
  • As an added bonus, our participants in each module will receive an additional gift.
  • In Module 1, you’ll be receiving a free implant of your choice from Tatum Surgical,
  • Rocky Mountain Tissue Bank will be offering Irradiated Cancellous Bone to the participants of Module 2 and a Bone Block to the participants of the advanced course.

Our facility is in central London and participants have a choice of several local hotels within walking distance from the class.

Tatum Institute, UK. Where you can find:

T – Talented clinicians seeking further education
A – Applied skills in a real world setting
T – True dedication to Implant Dentistry
U – Unique State-of-the-Art facility
M – Mentorship

The 15th Year of an intensive one year training programme in Oral Implantology Designed to meet and exceed the GDC requirements for training standards in Implant Dentistry for general dental practitioners

This unique ´hands-on´ Implant Course offers unparalleled surgical time to increase confidence and gain valuable experience. Participants are encouraged to develop at their own pace with the guidance, understanding and flexibility of Dr Tatum´s individual teaching abilities.

The course outline is as follows:

  • Applied basic science (osseointegration & bone physiology)
  • Informed consent and medicolegal considerations
  • Patient assessment and treatment planning
  • Applied surgical anatomy
  • Applied imaging techniques
  • Conscious sedation techniques and Immediate Life Support (ILS) certification
  • Basic surgical and restorative concepts
  • Tatum’s flapless bone expansion technique
  • Advanced surgical and restorative concepts
  • Reconstructive periodontal surgery and aesthetic considerations
  • Ramus frame implants
  • Custom blade & subperiosteal implants
  • Inferior alveolar nerve repositioning
  • Principles of clinical governance in implantology
  • Management of surgical and prosthetic complications

Course Timetable 2013- 2014 :

26th – 29th September, 2013

  • Introduction to the course, faculty and operational procedures
  • Case presentation and treatment planning
  • Medicolegal issues and informed consent
  • Scope of Oral Implantology and historical aspects

23rd – 27th October, 2013

  • Sedation techniques and Advanced Life Support certification

20th – 24th November, 2013

  • Basic surgical and restorative techniques
  • Introduction to bone expansion techniques

11th – 15th December, 2013 (Anatomy Module)

  • Surgical anatomy

22nd- 26th January, 2014

  • Maxillary sinus lift and augmentation techniques
  • Evaluation of assignments & MCQs

19th – 23rd February, 2014

  • Principles of bone grafting and guided bone regeneration

19th – 23rd March, 2014

  • Non-root form implants and inferior alveolar nerve repositioning

23rd – 27th April, 2014

  • Occlusal considerations & advanced restorative techniques
  • Treatment planning & management of edentulous jaws
  • Evaluation of assignments and MCQs

21st – 25th May, 2014

  • Soft tissue and aesthetic considerations

11th – 14th June, 2014

  • Clinical governance and audit of patient portfolios
  • Management of complications

Due to increasing demand and over subscription of last year´s course, we are accepting early registrations for the next year´s course.

For more information please contact:
London Dental Studio
27-29 Warwick Way, London SW1V 1DL
Tel: 0121 455 8532 or 07947 308498